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You can change the culture of disability employment in South Carolina 

People with disabilities want to work, can work, and should be afforded every opportunity to work. Hire Me SC aims to shift the landscape in South Carolina to one in which employment for every individual, disability or not, is the norm rather than the exception.  

Whether you’re looking for a job training program, resources to help you empower or hire an individual with a disability, or a platform from which to advocate for policy change, Hire Me SC can help.

Alex Jackson at Radio Station at College of Charleston with headphones

Alex does not let his disability limit his job choices

Alex Jackson uses a power chair due to a spinal cord injury, but he has never let this affect his daily outlook on life. 

His passion for inclusion ignited when he worked for the radio station at College of Charleston, where they partnered with him to help make all media buildings and the radio station accessible. 

Alex currently works for the US Navy Corporate Communications and Public Affairs office, an employer he says “is very open to any requests for accommodations.”

His dream is to one day own a wheelchair-accessible transportation company of his own. 

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Learn about Employment First

Employment First aims to ensure that all individuals with disabilities receive minimum wage or higher, at a comparable rate to co-workers in a job based on individual talent.