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You can empower individuals with disabilities to break the mold and change disability employment expectations statewide.

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“People with disabilities have a desire and right to be contributing members of their communities. They have the skills, competencies, and passion to work in the same career fields as their peers without disabilities when given the chance. Securing competitive gainful employment allows the achievement of this significant goal. As providers and stakeholders, we have a responsibility to ensure employment opportunities for people with disabilities are never seen as a privilege, but rather acknowledged as an equal right.”

- Lois Durrah, Vice President of Employment and Community Supports, The Charles Lea Center


Why Employment First Makes Sense

  • All people should have opportunities for real jobs with real wages.

  • All people, no matter what disability they have, have the right to work a job they choose that matches their skills and interests.

  • Like everyone else, people with disabilities should have access accomodations that they need to work successfully.

  • Public policies should support people with disabilities having real jobs. Money for services should be spent on people having jobs in the community.

Learn how you can implement Employment First principles here

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Your Key Questions, Answered.