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What is Hire Me SC?

People with disabilities can work, want to work, and should be afforded every opportunity to work. Powered by Able SC and the South Carolina Disability Employment Coalition (“SCDEC:” a coalition formed to eliminate employment barriers for individuals with disabilities), Hire Me SC is a campaign that promotes a culture of inclusion across the state of South Carolina, one in which employment for every individual, disability or not, is the norm rather than the exception.

Although Hire Me SC focuses its message on and extends its reach to all individuals in South Carolina with disabilities, funding secured by Able SC and the SCDEC for the South Carolina Employment First Initiative (SCEFI) places a current focus on young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD).


The SCEFI is a multi-faceted “systems change” enterprise to increase employment outcomes for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD), specifically.

Led by 13 project partners within the SCDEC, the SCEFI is made possible through funding by the Administration for Community Living and aims to ignite change, ensuring all young adults with ID/DD receive minimum wage or higher, at a comparable rate to co-workers in a job based on individual talent.

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As a Center for Independent Living that is grounded in the disability rights movement and run and operated by a majority of individuals with disabilities, we are united in the belief that community-based, integrated employment for individuals with all types of disabilities should be the only option when it comes to employment. Individuals with disabilities CAN work and should have the freedom, support, and opportunity to achieve competitive, integrated employment.

We advocate for systems where funding for employment programs shifts away from sheltered workshops and other non-competitive employment and moves towards a system that promotes equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, regardless of the significance of the disability.

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The SC Disability Employment Coalition (SCDEC) formed in the fall of 2014, through funding from the SC Developmental Disabilities Council, to address employment barriers for individuals with disabilities in South Carolina. SCDEC stakeholders represent South Carolina employers, state and private agencies, and individuals with disabilities.

SCDEC members meet quarterly.  The SCDEC has four committees that meet on a monthly basis and is comprised of over 40 stakeholder organizations and individuals. 

Infrastructure Committee

Mission: Establish an infrastructure for South Carolinians with disabilities of private and public career supports in which policy and practice is aligned to promote integrated and competitive employment as the preferred service option and outcome.

Centralized Outreach Committee

Mission: To develop a plan where information about employment for people with disabilities will be available and marketed to businesses, people with disabilities, disability organizations, etc.


Transition to Careers Committee

Mission: To advocate for a network of private and public career supports that promotes competitive, community-based employment as the outcome for South Carolinians with disabilities.

Advisory Committee

Mission: People with disabilities advocating for equal employment opportunities and rights.


The coalition is constantly looking for new and dedicated people to join an action committee.

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